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  • získáváte automaticky nárok na slevy, které se průběžně připravují, u každé konkrétní slevy jsou vždy uvedeny podmínky

  • budete informováni o našich nových produktech

  • můžete do galerie odesílat fotky, aby je mohli ostatní lidé obdivovat

  • můžete hlasovat pro fotky, které se vám líbí a tím ovlivnit výsledky soutěží


We are inviting you to be a little crazy with us.

  • We would like you to make some crazy selfies or ask your friend to take the photo and send them to us and we will publish them on our website gallery for the world to laugh at and admire.
  • Our only criteria is:   They must show one of our products in the picture, it can even be just the cream.
  • It can be an unusual situation, a funny photo of someone applying the cream in fact anything you like as long as it makes us smile. Or just be artistic and send us something beautiful.
  • You can even take a sexy photo (but no porno)
  • Tattoo people naturally have creative minds, let’s use them.
  • The people submitting the funniest fotos will receive a gift for their trouble.
  • You can submit them by posting them on our site by registering as a member of the "Mon Amour Club" or simply email them to info@TattooMonAmour.com



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